We are pleased to introduce our self as one of the leading manufacturer in Ahmedabad (India) since Last 61 years .We have established our company since 1956, with production of Textile Parts, Textile Machinery & Metric Weights. There after since 1969 we have produced Water Supply Accessories like Cocks , Hand pumps & Valves. Now a days we are producing different types of Water Irrigation Accessories in variety of metals like C.I. , G.M. , S.S. ,P.P. .Our range of products are P.P., G.M., S.S. & C.I. Hose Collers, Hose Connectors, Ball-Valves, Gate-Valves, Reflex Valve (Non Return Valve) , Cocks , Hand - Pumps and other Pipe Fittings like Reducing Bush, Plug Bush, Cap Plug, Flanges and so many Items . We can also manufacture any item as per demand of customers designs / drawings / requirements . We have introduced three types of products like Superior Heavy (Amin) , Medium (Asco), Commercial Light (Flo).

We are supplying our products in India in 8 to 10 States like Gujarat, Rajasthan , Maharastra, Karnataka, Kerala, Goa, Tamilnadu, A.P., Orissa, M.P., etc. with Pvt. Dealers, Govt. & Semi Govt. societies.

We are Quality Conscious. We are manufacturing our items As Per I.S.I. Standard quality .We accept suggestions from our client regarding their problem & try to solve it immediately .

Nandlal I. Amin (Founder)

Arvindbhai N. Amin

Harshadbhai N. Amin

Vijaybhai N. Amin

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